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Ah, sissy humiliation cams. The hallmark of any online femdom session. I love doing sessions with sissies as they are by far and away the most fun to have sessions with.

I especially love the ones who enter my live
bdsm webcam room already dressed in the sluttiest outfit they have and they say “hello Mistress” in that hilarious high pitched voice all sissies adorn.

I have one regular who visits my chat room at least once a week. Her name is sissy Jemima and we always have lots of fun together. Jemima is up for anything and she always arrives fully dressed for me. Her favourite is a pink fluffy maids outfit complete with big puffy underskirt, bright pink sissy panties, white stockings with suspenders, pink strappy clog heel shoes and a blonde perm wig. Get ready for real Domination where we make you our little cock suckers, cum eaters, prostitutes and so much more read on and learn

Great question and one I will list below with all the different types of scenarios that could happen in a one on one cam show with one of our Mistresses. These women also enjoy cam to cam sex. the humiliation and domination inflicted in these online sessions could be made public or some may even record them or take pictures of you to add to their blogs and twitter feed for the world to see and laugh at. so be ready for all types of scenarios in our online sessions.

1. They may demand you suck a dildo or other object to show your cock sucking skills

2. To eat your own cum or to play with it

3.Make you write all over your body

4. Blackmail you and ensure you do as they say or else.

5. Sell you on to other Mistresses

6. Pimp you out, make money from you

7. Take pictures and videos of you and share them online.

8.Have you dancing for them and stripping off

9.Demand you use huge sex toy for household objects for anal play

10.Verbally abuse and belittle you as they dominate and degrade you

11.Demand you eat your dinner from the toilet pan, make you pee sitting down, ensure you take plenty of laxatives and make you hold the toilet in until you have begged properly

12. These cruel but very kinky Femdoms will make you become their human furniture, human ashtray, their own personal toilet by sitting on your face.

13.How to dance, curtsey, talk, dress, do makeup, stand properly, walk properly, greet and chat to people properly and how to set up proper online profiles on sites such as facebook sissy profile or twitter sissy profile even sites such as Instagram. The more social media profiles you have the better chance of you earning money for your mistress .

These are just some of the scenarios that may happen in a session with our Dominatrixes but do read on as we have a lot more to share with you, including the sissy rules, the sissy contracts, and more tasks that will be demanded of you in our online free chat rooms. We have hundreds of Pictures to share with you as well as videos and live cam rooms where you can interact with women who enjoy every part of sissy slut and faggot degradation

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So what Happens in a Sissy Humiliation Session? 

1. You obey Mistresses Every word

2. No eye contact unless given permission

3. You have a clitty not a penis anymore

4. Your Mouth is always ready to suck cock and eat cum it is not to talk or chat to people

5. You adore eating cum  and beg for it every day

6. You do not touch the clitty anymore it belongs to your owner

7. You will sign a contract and obey every word

8. You will stand for Pictures and videos when demanded of you.

9.Make sure your ass is always in the air ready for inspection - or ready for fisting, strapon play or any type of anal invasion that your Mistresses deems necessary for you

10. You may be told to wear a chastity and sign a contract for that also

11.You will always worship the Bulls all alpha male is more superior and you tell them this every time

12.You will always be plugged by  buttplugs or when on your monthly you will wear tampons

13.You will always eat your food from the floor or a pet bowl

14. You will never ever look at your new owner in the eye unless it is a direct order.

15. wearing panties, frilly socks and high heels should always be the top of your list

Sissy Jemima is a slutty sissy bitch with whom I always make her hitch her dress up to show her frilly panties so all the guys know what a slut she is and that she is open for business.

I love humiliating her by making her parade around for me and show me her street walking moves and how she entices guys to fuck her holes and fill her with their cum.

I often make her attend a tranny mistress webcams room and make her indulge in forced bi to get her used to sucking cock for payment.

This dirty little cam whore knows she must go out in public and she knows she gets belittled, degraded, and laughed at when out in the streets. Getting wolf whistles from hot guys driving past as she again hitches that dress up to show off her little sissy panties.

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Some of our Sissy Rules

Sissy Humiliation Live Webcam Chats

Perhaps you are a pathetic little cuckold who needs to be humiliated in our live online sessions? Our online Mistresses enjoy cuckold cams online where they make you sit dressed up and tied and demand you get them ready for real men.

Yes you become the fluffer, the person that cleans the Mistress out and sucks the Alpha Males cock clean after sex, you sit in a corner with your butt plug in and watch real bulls with big black dicks having sex with your Goddess, you can only dream as a sissy slut that you could get as close but know that will never happen.

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I have also posted her pictures online in one of those meet up for casual sex type sites and I will be pimping her out very soon.

Shes quite a cheap sissy slut so I'll probably offer her out for $5 blowjobs and $10 for a fuck. She's not worth anymore, to be honest.

Sissy humiliation cams can take many different forms though and any online Mistress will be able to give you a session that is just the way you like it. We are all experts at bdsm and we all absolutely love sissy humiliation and the enjoyment that is had by both parties makes it all worthwhile.

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