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It really is easy to see why lots of subs and slaves prefer a roleplaying scenario to an actual “I am a slave, dominate me” type of session. 
On this live femdom cams site, there are hundreds of Mistresses who all love roleplaying and stepping into new characters. With almost chameleon-like stealthiness they can act out any part or fantasy you bring to them and make your fantasy become a reality. 

Each and every live Mistress on this site loves roleplaying and if you use the free bdsm chat option you can tell them what you are looking for. Be as specific as you can about the things you want and they, in turn, will add in other things they think of to spice it up even further. Their vast experience in female domination and of dealing with guys with similar kinks to yours, coupled with their vivid and active imaginations will ensure your “play” is everything you ever dreamed it could be.

There is no end of ideas for different roleplays and the reason they are so popular is that no two sessions need ever be the same.

Things like the cruel cuckold wife who cheats on her husband, the teasing secretary who manipulates her boss into being her foot slave, the strict nurse who mocks her patient's tiny cock as she shaves him, the homeowner who teaches a housebreaker a lesson or the arrogant cop who gives a guy a ticket. These and much more are all possible. Just because it is via webcam and not face to face does not diminish from the effect. If any thing, it allows things to be more intense.

For example, the most popular roleplay is for the sub to play the part of a hapless husband whose wife is on a business trip and he catches her out cheating on him and sleeping with another guy. It can be her blatantly lying, being open and cruelly mocking him for it or by leaving “clues” around for the “husband” to question (a male shirt in plain sight or her top not being buttoned properly for example). You can do all of this and more in our live 121 cam shows

This is incredibly easy to do and an intense session can be had. And as already mentioned, each Mistress has a vivid imagination and she can throw other things in to keep you on your toes!
Another good scenario is the interrogation. An example is a sub is shown a card that the Domme doesn’t know and then a scenario is acted out whereby the Mistress is interrogating the “prisoner” to get the information.

She can use cock and ball torture, nipple torture, anal play, humiliation, in fact pretty much anything she wants. 
She can play a teasing secretary who video calls her boss and makes him humiliate himself on webcam or teases him to a state of near insanity with her cleavage and ass. 

Perhaps you want to dress up as a crossdresser and have her be your employee? Then you can do that via the shemale cams section

Another good thing about roleplay is it lets you act out fantasies without having to actually act them out. Fantasy blackmail scenarios are a perfect example of this. Sure it might sound good when you’re turned on and horny to have a cruel, manipulative, vindictive and sadistic powerful woman have contact details for your friends, family and co-workers or to have pictures of you dressed as a slut or with a pink chastity on but the reality is very different.

With roleplay cams, you get to pretend she has all these details and is blackmailing you into humiliating yourself or sending money tributes and you have no choice in the matter.

The above are just a few examples of possible plays but anything is possible. No matter how weird or wonderful a fantasy you have, if you want to make it a reality then this really is the best site for you. There are Dominatrixes of every shape, size, build and colour on here and they all have more than enough experience and expertise to guide you from planning to execution. 
Use the free femdom chat function to explain what you want from her.

Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. She can also suggest things she has done in the past, or thinks of, that she thinks might also be good and you can both map out a scenario to roleplay.

There is a Mistress online right now who is eager and ready to move your fantasy to the next level. From new subs who need a “guide” to experienced players who know what they want, these Mistresses can gauge your level and make everything go better than you could ever have imagined.

Join this site today and get started with the best dommes on the internet

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One of the most popular ways to indulge in a female domination or bdsm session is by the use of roleplay. The ability to escape reality and enter another world where you can be or do anything without the shackles of reality to weight you down.

You can let your mind wander and allow your deepest, darkest fantasies to surface.

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