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These are some of the best wanking instructions you will get online from females who know how to give proper guided masturbation via webcam. Get ready for your very own instructions on how to wank that dick, When to cum and moving on to cum eating instructions.

This femdom webcam site has no shortage of strict Mistresses who love to tease and torment their male slaves by controlling their orgasms and making them suffer. They get a kick out of hearing your frustrated cries as you get edged over and over but never allowed to cum.

They enjoy hearing you beg and plead as they give you directions on how to play with yourself that will drive you crazy and have you climbing the walls with frustration and desperation.Our Live Cam to cam sex rooms have every type of domination and masturbation chat available

Every single Dominatrix on here is an expert at giving jerk off instructions (JOI) to their poor suffering slaves and when you enter a private session with one of them you better be prepared to suffer under their control. Each one knows that a man is pretty simple to control. Turn him on and he will be putty in your hands and they will use this fact to their full advantage. 

Are you ready to have your jerking controlled? To be dictated to about how you can wank and how to do it? You’re a pathetic waste of space so you better be because why should you get to enjoy masturbating? Your Mistress has to suffer you being near her so why shouldn’t you suffer as well?

jerk off instructions, jerk cams

What Happens in A JOI Cam Show?

jerk off instructions, wanking instructgions

Joi Cams - Jerk Off Instructions On Webcam

A JOI cam show will always be unique by its very nature. Your Mistress will continually mix things up and add new things to keep you guessing so you don’t know what is coming next. This includes

- How fast you can wank
- How slow
- Making you go fast, slow, then fast again multiple times
- Giving you a set number of strokes
- Making you stop and start
- Which hand you can use
- How many fingers
- Use only up or downward strokes
- Hump a pillow

This list is by no means exhaustive and thanks to the cruel minds and sadistic imaginations of the Mistresses, they can keep coming up with new and inventive ways to fuck with you. 

They will throw instructions at you at a rate of knots that will have you furiously trying to keep up. Faster, slower, slower, 5 strokes, stop, start, only upwards strokes, speed up, use two fingers etc till you do not know which way is up. As you kneel on the floor or lie on a bed you will follow their orders till your head is mush and your brain is fried with your frustration and desperation to receive the cum command and be allowed relief.

Thanks to their vast experience and mean tendencies, these mean bitches online have the ability to make your torment last for as long as they want. They know exactly which thing will drive you the craziest at any given moment and they will apply it with ruthless and sadistic aggression. As you groan and moan with desperation they will laugh, allow you a 20-second breather then have you “perform” for them some more.

They have no mercy and zero sympathy for any male worthless enough to become their property and you will accept all and anything they command you to.

No matter what type of Mistress you wish to serve, this site has her. Teen, milf, granny shemale, white, black, Asian, BBW, Tattooed, tall, short, you name it, this site has the Domme for you to serve and suffer for.

You can use the free femdom webcam chat option to explain what a loser you are and how much of a wanker that you need a joi cams session to teach you that slaves do not deserve any pleasure, even while masturbating. All Dommes love to make men suffer and they will take great pleasure in hearing the type of session you are after.

Using their highly toned manipulation techniques they will find out what turns you on and what makes you tick. They will get you to explain how you normally pleasure yourself and they can then use all this against you. They will find out all your fetishes and what gets you going them torment the life out of you till you are sobbing, begging and pleading to be allowed to cum.

Fancy an example of how much frustration you’ll suffer? Imagine you have, for example, a boob fetish. The mere sight of a pair of tits gets you rock hard and beating your meat like there’s no tomorrow. Now imagine your Mistress has the most fantastic pair of breasts you ever saw and that she is dangling them in front of you, pushing them together and bringing her webcam right up close to give you an uninterrupted and uncensored view right down her cleavage. Now imagine she has only given you permission to wank at a rate of 3 seconds per stroke. Three seconds upwards and three seconds downwards. So simple yet utter torture for you.

Turned on with your number one fetish right there in front of you with a real live woman and you can’t even go to town on yourself. Then she might tell you to use your non-dominant hand, speed up and slow down, stops, start, only up, only down and all sorts of other methods to mess with your head. It will be the ultimate torture for you and oh so much fun for her to hear you squeal and groan. You can check out our fetish cams here for all types of fetish sessions with ruined orgasm, tease and denial and much more

There are dozens of live dominatrix webcam Mistresses online right now and they are all ready and prepared to give you a JOI webcams session that will totally mess with your head. Join this site now and enter a world of female domination that you have never encountered.

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