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These are just a few names that jack in chat is known by if you want to be given guidance on jerking that dick then  check out the other names it's known by, or best of all head into our live JackINCHATs live 

You do not need a webcam either. It does make for a better experience and a far better session but if you would rather the host didn’t see your face or you just don’t feel comfortable with her being able to see you while you talk about masturbation then its fine to continue without one.

Your chosen model will always have one so as long as you can see her that’s all that matters! There are hundreds of gorgeous women online right now and each one is waiting on a guy like you to have a jackinchat session with.

They can listen to the ways you do it and the ways you have done in the past then tailor the show to introduce different ways or variations that you can add. So what are you waiting for? Get joined to the site now and select from one of the dozens of girls who are available for you

Some of our cam models will send you over to the live stripper cams to get your proper JACKIN cHAT iNSTRUCTIONS where you be teased to the brink and depending on what has been discussed she may or may not let you cum at the end of it

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Whichever reason you have for it though, sometimes just yanking your dick isn’t enough. You might want new techniques, new things to try or different things to use. If you want to freshen things up then having a masturbation chat with a woman (let's be honest, unless you’re gay, having a talk about wanking isn’t a thing you do with other men) is the way to go.

The best place to find these women is on a live webcam chat site. On these sites are hundreds of sexy models and girl next door types who are experts in handling cocks and the best way to jerk them off. What’s more, they are actively keen to discuss this with you!

There are many more ways to wank than just grabbing your cock and stroking it. All the various techniques and manoeuvres you can implement make a jackinchat session an absolute must. Whatever your dream girl looks like, her match is on here and you can enjoy unlimited and uncensored talks with her about different ways to masturbate.

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All guys, no matter how much you love getting laid, love masturbating. From that first time when you realised what happened when you jerked your cock and managed to cum, right through your teens, through college, the barren years when you were unlucky at the clubs and even maybe if you are married, having a wank is something you still do. This is why we love to discuss jackinchat online -

Whenever you get turned on, it’s a male thing that it just HAS to be dealt with and in the absence of a woman, a jerk off session is almost a must. So try our live jack in chat rooms for some kinky instructions

Thanks to the open minds, vivid imaginations and years of experience these online cam girls have with regards to wanking men and seeing how they do it, they can offer you tips that you never thought possible.

The live cam sex option is a much better option than using forums or the groups on facebook and twitter. With an online cams session, you are having live 1 on 1 with a girl which is basically a conversation in real time. With forums you type your question, wait for a reply, then answer it then wait for another reply and it drags on for days or weeks.

With webcams, you ask and it is answered. The other bonus is that instead of just describing it to you, she can actually show you what she means or instruct you in how to do it, kind of like a practical exam. It is also extremely cheap to have jackinchat online as well.

Many people think it costs an absolute fortune but in actual fact, prices start from 33c per minute. Yep, you read that right. 33c per minute.

That’s ten minutes for $3. That’s nothing. Its plenty of time to have a good talk with your chosen female and find out lots of new ideas and manoeuvres you can use. There is also a free chat option that lets you talk for nothing to her but this is really only to let you both be aware of what you want from the session. It really isn’t designed for a full show though.

Its to lay out ground rules and what you want etc. Its to allow this to be done without you panicking that you’re losing credits by talking which is going to lead to a lesser session, and also to prevent you rushing it, not getting it all out there what you want and then not getting the perfect experience you were expecting.

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Of course sometimes though, it’s a convenience thing. It’s a lot quicker to whip your cock out, jerk it for a few minutes, orgasm then carry on with your day than it is for a sex session with a woman. This also requires you to think about getting her off as well which interrupts your own pleasure so its easy to see, when all is considered, that jacking off would be vastly preferable to a guy who just wants to get his rocks off. You can also view it on our fetish cams for kinky masturbation guidance

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