That may sound bizarre to any vanilla people. Why on earth would a man with a small cock get off on being mocked and ridiculed about it? Basically, submissive men feel inferior to powerful women.

They always feel inadequate and that these females despise them. Couple that with the popular held belief that women always like dicks in a “the bigger the better” ideal then suffering SPH is the best way to transfer that power to her.

By having a gorgeous woman, totally unattainable and off limits to this lowly poor excuse for a man, insult and laugh at his manhood is a turn on beyond belief for many subs.

They lust after these women. Dream of having sex with them but they despise them and do nothing but insult them.

So that’s the theory behind small penis humiliation but how does it actually happen?
Well, the first thing any decent Mistress will do is make sure you actually want SPH in the first place. Despite what is written above, not every guy wants it.

Some are very sensitive about it and want another area of bdsm so laying into him about having a tiny dick can do serious psychological damage if it's not actually wanted. Once it is established this is a go, what next? Below we have listed 50 ways that small penis humiliation can be inflicted on a poor, tiny cocked male. 

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12- Compare it against small objects

Biro lids, chipolata sausages, baby carrots, AAA batteries or keyrings are just a few of the small, everyday objects that she will make you measure and compare your cock against. As it is no doubt dwarfed by these objects, the utter shame and degradation will fill you and make you utterly embarrassed. She will also make you hold it there as well, knowing how desperate you will be to take them away and try to end your shame.

13- Laugh behind her hand

Laughing at it is one thing but there is something about a woman laughing at you with her hand over her mouth that is even more humiliating. Maybe it’s the muffled laughter, maybe it’s the wide-eyed “my god I can't believe anything could be THAT small” look in her eyes which is now more prominent. Who knows but one thing is certain. It is a humiliating experience

14- Verbal Humiliation

A good old fashioned tongue lashing is still SPH 101. Many degrading names and insults will fly at you as she aims to drive you to tear. Each and every Domme in an online femdom webcam session, in particular, rely on their vicious tongue to drive their slaves into the ground. Loser, microdisk, maggot cock, fat tiny dick loser and baby penis are some of the tamer insults that get given but even those, when given with an acid tongue and contempt dripping from her voice, will be hard enough and drive right into your heart. Rest assured though, these mean bitches have a vast vocabulary ready to aim in your direction.

15- Heave when she sees it

Whether it is real or put on for effect, having a gorgeous woman that you desire and fantasise about dry heaving and putting her hand to her mouth to avoid throwing up when she sees your cock will still cut you deeply. Her reaction to it will leave you in no doubt that you have absolutely NO chance with this absolute Goddess.

16- Try to stretch it with weights

It might help if you don’t think of this as a humiliating task she does to laugh at you. Think of it as her helping you out. She’s trying to stretch it out to make it bigger. She’s trying to make you into a real man. Of course, it will hurt like fuck and be extremely humiliating for you as she clips on more and more but you know what they say, no pain without gain

17- Have you order a takeaway and answer the door naked

Everyone should know you have a pin dick and if public humiliation is also on the table then she will make you strip naked, order a takeaway then answer the door butt naked with your tiny pecker on display. Now you can be rest assured that the sight of your little clit will be the talking point of the takeaway shop AND the delivery drivers friends. If it’s a female delivery driver then hats just the icing on the cake really!

18- Shake her pinkie at you

One of the oldest cock mock activities, clenching her fist with her pinky finger outstretched she will wiggle it at you as she laughs.

19- Hold her thumb and forefinger close together

Similar to number 18 above, another classic cock mock is holding her thumb and forefinger together closely to imitate your entire length. She will also squint sarcastically and laugh as she holds her hand near your “manhood” to compare it.

20- Bring a real man with a big dick into your session

As if it's not enough that she cuckolds you and ridicules you by boasting of sleeping with men with big cocks, imagine having her bring one of these guys to your session? Making you admire his thick shaft, tell him how lucky he is to have it and watch her stroke it till it grows then put her hand round it and wank him, all the while laughing at you as you look on forlornly, wishing you were in his place.

21- Sarcastically use warm air to see if it can grow any

You both know it ain't getting any bigger but it is very degrading to have a Mistress sarcastically apply warm air to see if it can grow any. A hairdryer is the common tool and as an added bonus for her, the pain from the heat will cause you to squirm. As she’s applying the air she will also be calling you names and insulting you.

As if it isn’t small and humiliating enough, she will make you dip it in cold water or use an ice pack on it to get it even tinier. So small it might actually disappear and become another belly button. Sadistic laughter will echo around the room as your miniscule little nub gets smaller and smaller. She will probably get a magnifying glass out to help her try to find it still here? Well then SPH is obviously for you. Read on to find ways that your Mistress can use SPH to put you in your place and prove to you that you are not a real man if you have a small dick

1 – Compare it to a big dildo

One of the best ways to show what she prefers versus how you measure up is to show you her dildo collection. Massive big thick rubber cocks that fill her pussy, stretching it and giving her countless orgasms and never-ending pleasure whenever she uses them. She will hold them up to you and compare your stub to them and tell you how she needs them big and miniscule men like you just don’t cut it.

2 – Invite her friends round to laugh and humiliate you

Being mocked and ridiculed by one Mistress is bad enough but put a gang of them together and any male in their vicinity is getting picked on. With Mistress and her friends all seated comfortably and drinking wine, you’ll be the focus of their attention as they make you strip naked and show off your little 2-inch stub. Name calling, howls of laughter and intense giggling will flow from them and they will humiliate you beyond belief.

You can check out our fetish cams here for all things kinky

3 – Have you watch her masturbate as she tells you that you don’t measure up

Since you can’t satisfy her she has to do it herself with a dildo or with her hand but why should you get off easy? You should be made to suffer for being so inadequate so she will make you kneel beside the bed (or sit in front of the webcam if you are in a live femdom cam show) and watch her rub her clit and slide fingers inside her pussy as she insults you, calling you a loser and making sure you know that you’re not a real man if you can’t satisfy a woman

4 – Make you grow your pubic hair so it’s totally hidden

Having a small cock and being ridiculed for it is bad enough but imagine being forced to hide it as well. That’s what a size Queen will do to some slaves. Not even being allowed to have on the show what little you do have is extremely humiliating and you will want to shave so you at least have something on display but tough. She will get far too much enjoyment from making you hide it and mocking you for being so tiny that your pubic hair is longer than your dick

5 –Make you shave your pubic region so its exposed

As an opposite to number 4 above, some mean size Queens will demand you shave your cock and balls smooth to show off just how much of a stub it actually is. To stop you pretending that “Oh it's actually bigger it's just my hair that’s making it look small” she will make you take it all off to show to everyone that it actually IS that small.

6 – She always wears a t-shirt saying she doesn’t fuck small dicked men

She knows she will never fuck a wimp like you. You know you can never get a woman like her but she wants to make SURE you know you have zero chance with her. You already know a girl like this doesn’t want maggot dicks but imagine how humiliating it will be for her to always be wearing a t-shirt that says “I only fuck men with big cocks” or “I don’t fuck small dicked men”. Every time you look at her you will be reminded that you are inadequate for the girl of your dreams. As an added humiliation, if you are also utilizing public humiliation, she might have an addition to the bottom of the t-shirt that says “This means him” and an arrow pointing to you.

7 – Put pictures of it on her blog for all to see

Why should she be the only one who knows you are a maggot dick loser? Why should you be allowed to hide your inadequacy from the rest of the world? In a nutshell, you shouldn’t. So she will take a picture of the 2 or 3 inch nothing and put it online. Now whenever anyone goes to her blog or femdom facebook page, they will see what you don’t have. Lots of Mistresses leave the comments open as well so everyone can leave you a degrading comment as well. There is nothing you can do about it when it’s up there either. Post you on here sissy humiliation sites for all to laugh at

8 – Measure it with a ruler

You know its small, she knows its small but do you know just HOW small it is? Well, you can soon find out when your Domme makes you get a ruler and measure it. Her cackles with laughter will ring in your ears as she makes you tell her what size it reaches. As an added insult, she might incorporate number 7 above, and upload the picture to her blog.

9 – Make sure you know that size DOES matter

“Oh, it's ok sweetie. Size doesn’t matter”. A phrase uttered by many women but truth be told, they don’t mean it. Size DOES matter and these Dommes will make sure that you know it. They will take great delight in making you listen to them tell you how women want big dicks. Thick, fat and long. Exactly what you don’t have. Size does matter

10- Cuckold you

You might be useless for sexual pleasure but there are real men out there who aren’t. Men who know what they are doing and have the equipment to satisfy her and she will take sadistic pleasure from making you watch her with these men. Sucking their big dick and letting them fuck her, she will have you look on enviously as you long for what they are getting. Or she might just make you sit and listen as she tells you about sex with her lover. This is a good roleplay scenario for an SPH female domination session. SPH and cuckolding go hand in hand

11- Use cold water to get it even smaller

As if it isn’t small and humiliating enough, she will make you dip it in cold water or use an ice pack on it to get it even tinier. So small it might actually disappear and become another belly button. Sadistic laughter will echo around the room as your miniscule little nub gets smaller and smaller. She will probably get a magnifying glass out to help her try to find it

little sissy cock, small dick humiliation
small dick humiliation pictures

So How Is Penis Humiliation Done And Where is the Humiliation List?

One of the most popular requests for any female domination session isn’t for cock and ball torture or a spanking. It's not with nipple torture or anal play. It’s to suffer small penis humiliation. Having a small cock is an affliction suffered by millions of men the world over but almost every submissive male actually gets off on being mocked and humiliated about it.

50 Ideas For Small Penis Humiliation

stumpy little penis, cock humiliation

22- Make you crossdress

Well, you aren’t a man with a dick that small. Its more like a clit so why should you be allowed to dress like a male? Instead, she’ll use forced feminization to dress you in sissy knickers, stockings, high heels and a pretty dress to help you accept that you are not a real man and are more deserving of acting like a female - View shemale cams here

23- Lock it in chastity

A man's cock is only good for one thing. Filling a woman’s pussy to give her pleasure. Since yours doesn’t do that, why should it be left free for you to play with yourself and orgasm with it? You’re a disappointment for women everywhere so why should you enjoy it when it can’t even do what its made for? That’s why she will snap it into a plastic chastity cage that forbids even getting an erection never mind letting you wank and cum. You have a tiny cock so it's your own fault anyway. Live with the frustration and lack of relief - When in the Chastity you will be sent to the stripper webcam rooms

24- The toilet roll holder test

If it doesn’t fit inside an empty toilet roll tube then it’s a real cock of average or above size. If It DOES fir inside then you failed the test and its not a real dick. Both you and she know full well it won't pass the test but guess what? She’ll still make you go through the ritual humiliation of doing it anyway!

25- Put a ruler marked at 3cm on her Facebook

Just a picture of a ruler. Nothing else. Just a red line marked where your cock reaches to. And posted on her timeline of facebook or twitter feed. Then you will have everyone on her friend's list asking what it means and what the significance is. And while they are asking, you get to sweat it out that she won’t reveal its marked for your penis size and offer a link to your profile.

26- Make you relive all the times women laughed at you

From as far back as you can remember, women have probably laughed at your tiny dick. From the hotties at high school who saw your lack of bulge or yanked your pants down for a laugh to the co-eds at College who burst into fits of laughter when you got undressed, these cruel Mistresses love to mind fuck with their small dick subs and have them relive all those tortured moments that they want to forget even happened.

27- Use tweezers to masturbate

It’s so small that’s it's difficult for you to wank anyway but for added degradation, many Dommes will make their subs use tweezers instead of their hand. As you use them to tug on your tiny pecker, they will laugh and insult you.

28- Use only two fingers to wank

If you are an itty bit bigger than guys who need to use tweezers, your Mistress might let you use your hand but forbid you from using the whole hand and instead make you use your thumb and forefinger. It's so small you probably can’t even use a whole hand anyway but doing that in private while jacking off to pictures is nowhere near as humiliating as having a beautiful woman sit over you laughing at you

29- Tell you its too small for sex and only wanking is for you

All men love getting laid. Chasing pussy is a man's number 1 pastime. So imagine how horrible it will feel to be told that no woman wants sex with a tiny dicked man like you. You won’t get laid again in your life, only sitting jerking off to picture and tube videos. Wanking will be your only form of relief for the rest of your life.

30- Make you watch her with a real man

You lust after this gorgeous woman. You’d do anything to have sex with her and you curse your small cock for making that an impossible dream. She knows this but will get a huge kick from tormenting you by making you watch her with a man with a proper cock. His big dick will fill her up and make her scream his name while you sit crestfallen and full of envy

31- Tie a ribbon around it

This might not seem too bad but it is actually very demeaning, especially if she makes you use a pink ribbon and hang a “3rd prize” rosette from it!

32- Not let you wank as she gets herself off

You can't satisfy her with that tiny thing so since she has to do it herself, why should be allowed relief? Why, if she has to get herself off, should you be allowed to enjoy it and masturbate? You shouldn’t, so she will forbid you from touching yourself while she masturbates, flicking her clit and rubbing herself to a wild orgasm. Then you will be left with aching blue balls and utter frustration. She will either make you sit as she basks in the glow of her orgasm, throw you out the door with your blue balls or, if you are using femdom cams, reach over and with a sadistic smirk, flick her cam off.

33- Look bored or yawn as you try to justify having a tiny dick

For the likes of you, getting the attention of an absolute Goddess like this is THEE dream. So it will be hellish for you when she sits staring at the ceiling, sighing, yawning and looking at her nails while you try to justify why having a small cock doesn’t make you useless as a man. The arrogant, condescending looks you will get will burn deep into your soul

34- Have you tell her how small it is

You already know its small but if you don’t mention it, it doesn’t seem as real. Any Dominatrix worth her salt knows this and will take great delight in making you tell her in excruciating detail how tiny you are, how women reject you and how you’ve never given a woman an orgasm. The effects of this type of session will live with you for a long time afterwards.

35- The fingernail test

A fingernail is tiny. So just think how bad it will be when she wants to test your size by measuring it against her fingernails. There’s no doubt at all in her mind or yours that you will fail the test and you’ll find out her nail is bigger than your dick but she will still make you go through the whole thing. If you have a foot fetish, she might make you do it against her feet using her toenails for added torment

36- Make you look at pictures of big cocks

Just in case you get any ideas that its ok to have a small cock or that yours is “not too bad”, many dommes like to force their subs to look at pictures or watch videos of men with big dicks so they can show them that yes, they ARE very small cocked and no, it isn’t “not bad” at all.

37- Tell you real men’s problems and condescend you for not having them

Despite getting laid by gorgeous women, real men also have problems. A big bulge showing in their jockeys, trying to get it back in after they’ve taken a piss, women who give them blowjobs not being able to fit it all in their mouth and not being able to wear tight trousers as their cock shows are just some of the problems they face. These size Queens will revel in making sure you know the problems they face and sarcastically telling you that you’ll never have to face these issues

38- Make you call it a clit

It's not even big enough to be called a dick and it barely qualifies you as male so she will instead make you call it your clit or your little clitty. For added effect she may also decide you are not male and use forced feminization on you, making you dress in stockings, sissy panties, a dress and high heel shoes.

39- Hold it in your hand

This seems tame but holding this tiny stub you call a penis in your hand and seeing how much your hand dwarfs it will be a huge reality check. Couple that with her howls of laughter and her sarcastic “where is it?” questions and you will feel the humiliation for every second

40- Compare your cock size to her ex’s

This is a good one to employ during roleplay of a cruel girlfriend or sadistic wife. She can tell you how you don’t measure up to her boyfriend, how much bigger he is than you, how he’s a lot thicker and how small yours is in comparison. No guy likes to think he’s inferior to his partner's ex so this scenario is particularly appealing to SPH slaves

41- Change your name

Since you barely qualify as male or even if she just wants to imprint on your mind how insignificant you are to her, she will change the name you have had for decades to something demeaning. Things like a maggot, spud, Fido, Monica or wankstain are common but these Dommes have sadistic natures and will home in on your insecurities then use them to find an appropriate name

42- Laugh at your tiny bump of a hard-on

As sure as the sky is blue and water is wet, subs and slaves will get erect when in the presence of a Mistress and undergoing a femdom session. Some Dommes will punish a slave for this but if you are small in the dick department, she will instead be too busy laughing to do anything. Pointing and sniggering, her actions will cut you to the core.

43- Urinate sitting down

Real men stand up to piss. Small dick losers like you get made to sit down like a girl. It's so tiny you may as well be female anyway so this will just add on to that. Of course, if she has locked you in chastity then you will need to sit down anyway

44- Use skype to tell her friends about you

Either the sight of your pecker is so funny she cant keep it to herself or she feels that she shouldn’t be the only one to suffer it, lots of Princesses and Goddesses will skype their friends and tell them about the maggot dick loser they have in a session. They will talk about you as if you aren’t even there but she will laugh when they reply. She might tell you or she might leave you wondering what they are saying about you

45- Push it in

Its little more than a button and basically a waste of skin so she will make you stand in front of her and push it in so it completely disappears. A real man wouldn’t be able to do that but someone like you? Oh, it’ll go all the way in no problem. All 2 inches of it

46- Tuck it between your legs

Similar to number 45 above, some Dommes with slaves of 4 to 5 inches will make them tuck their willy between their legs and make them look like a woman. If you have hair you will look like a woman with a hairy bush. A humiliating experience if ever there was one

47- Make you google search what women really think of guys with small dicks

Possibly one of the worst tasks on the list, forcing you to type into google “what do women think of men with small dicks” will bring home a huge reality check for you. A cock mock Queen ridiculing your size is one thing. A Mistress ridiculing your lack of cock is another.

But to actually read real entries on blogs and forums from vanilla women who say they want big cocks and that they lie to men about their dick size is something else entirely. These Mistresses will make sure you KNOW that your average, everyday woman doesn’t want a pin dick loser. And yes, that includes the hot co-ed or cougar that you lust after and fantasise about who lives next door

48- Wear sissy panties

You don’t deserve to wear male briefs, jockeys or boxers with a pee-pee that small. Why should you? You don’t classify as a man so instead, you will be forced into a big pair of pink sissy panties. Maybe for your session, maybe she will make you wear them 24/7, sending her pictures randomly throughout the day. Either way, men’s underwear for you is now a distant memory

49- Talk about you as if you aren’t even there

Kneeling on the floor at her feet, she will phone her friends, her boyfriend, maybe even her MOTHER and talk about you. Ignoring the fact you are even there she will laugh and insult your cock, your body, your lack of charisma, anything she wants. Being ignored is hard for slaves as they crave their Mistresses attention, even if its negative, so this is a powerful tool in her arsenal

50- Make you read a pamphlet on having a small penis

There are lots of self-help pamphlets out there for men who lack in the trouser department and they are basically condescending. These Dommes will make you read out loud all the things it says about coping with a tiny dick and how to live with it there you go.

50 ways for small cock degradation at the hands of a superior, cold-hearted Mistress who loves mocking small cocks. Whether you are new to the femdom scene and sph interests you or you are an experienced slave who was looking for new ideas to be mocked, we hope this has given you some ideas to freshen things up and that you employ some of these ideas in your next femdom session, either real-time 

30 ways for Masturbation Chat

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