The Types of Domination/Humiliation Cam Shows

So the big question what can you expect in a dungeon session with these hot ladies? So let’s start with the more popular requests and a little explanation of each of them. It’s always handy to know these things as hosts do get asked about 100 times a day and it does get boring and old when the same questions are asked every day. So read on and decide which part of the bdsm cam training you are interested in exploring or experimenting with. We have hundreds of different types of live sessions available to you from adult cams to domination chats not forgetting our kinky shemale mistresses in the shemale cams section

Cock and Ball torture: ( CBT)

Very popular request on webcam these can be at any level you want from mild to extreme, Mistress will ask you to bring some items to the session which you can find laying around your house. This can also be coupled with ball busting, cock torture, cock slapping, ball squeezing and ball weights. Shoelaces, candles, toothpaste, toothbrush, metal spoon, pegs are the usual suspects requested.

Orgasm Control: 

This can be done in many different ways from edge play, tease and denial, chastity control and contracts, guided masturbation, jerk off instructions, forced wanking and milking, and ruined orgasms.

This is always a popular request and one the Dommes enjoy doing, most of them will add their own twist to this, which may include start /stop play, faster, slower, build then slap, build up then slap. Just tell your owner what you are looking for.

Some of our strict ladies will make you watch porn and wank for them and then stop you when you get close.


Very popular. from sissy humiliation to small penis, to cuckold to the public as well as verbal. We just love to laugh and degrade in any type of session like this. Blackmail fantasy scenario, money slavery, cocksucking, splosh, boot licking, spit, slap, makeup, messy food, forced fem, intoxication, pictures were taken, team viewer, Skype sessions, the list is endless Sometimes we make you worship trannies and shemales. The point is you are for entertainment purposes only. Check out our page on small penis humiliation for examples

Blackmail Fantasy:

Another very popular one this can be coupled with financial domination or on its own. We all have our own ways of doing this some of us will do it via team viewer others will demand your logins for social media such as facebook/twitter, some will demand your personal information and take pictures of you.

The point of this is that once we have what we need we can demand you do whatever we want you to do. Ie wears panties to work, suck cocks, eat your own cum ( cim) once we have you by the short and curlies that’s it. Sometimes we will use slave contracts to add into the kink and fun. We have the best mature women who enjoy blackmail scenario online just check out the mature cam section and see for yourself

Anal Play:

Having your ass stretched, violated, abused, fisted, and used. You may be told to insert objects deep inside it, like bottles, dildos, hairbrushes, rolling pins, fingers it just depends on how kinky your goddess is.

It's a very popular one and we know it as anal training and the more we can get in that hole and make it gape the happier we are.

If you want to try this out then just remember to mention before your sessions start, anal cam play is a very popular request online and we love nothing more than bending you over and inspecting that tight juicy ass hole. Ask Mistress what you should bring to your session. 


This is where you will be told to bring an object like a slipper, shoe or flip-flop, possibly a belt. If you have a whip, cane or paddle you should bring them.

You will bend over and start to count every stroke over your buttocks and thank your Dominatrix at the same time. You will take however many strokes she decides and you will be eager to carry them out, in front of her and or/ her friends.

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Female Domination

Being controlled by females is something many men enjoy, to lose any power or rights that they have and to be owned by strong, powerful women is a huge turn on for some guys.

Some men are dominant in their day to day life and enjoy switching now and again to become the submissive male dominated and controlled by women. 

Female domination is a great way to test the water for novices or a great way to let someone else take the control of what it has to happen to you. Our live sessions online are full of superior women who enjoy every aspect of overpowering men. You just have to step inside the bdsm cams section to see for yourself how many cruel women we have available

To take charge and make the decisions for not just your sexual play but also your lifestyle if you decide to go that far. This page is dedicated to the whole online bdsm experience, live dominatrixes who really do go out their way to make your life a misery in a live webcam session. When our online Dominatrixes use their bodies to tease you, they know you will obey at all times, using their sexy butts or huge tits on cam to get what they want from weak slaves and sissies 

Continue reading through this page and find out about all the different types of online kink play with a strict Mistress.

So when you are ready then click here for live BDSM training. Our females do enjoy telling their stories about the world of bondage and discipline. Perhaps you just like the idea of viewing domination porn.

Yes, there are many femdom blogs online with lots of information but this site will be listing lots of REAL Femdom sessions that Mistress has had with her REAL slaves. We cover every type of fetish so no matter what your fantasy or thing is you can check out the live fetish cams and see for yourself how many kinky Mistresses we have online

We also enjoy every aspect of the erotic scene, the teasing, and sensual side as well as the evil and sadistic.

Erotic femdom is another popular request where subs want to be able to worship the superior ladies body as she teases him this site which has a multitude of live mistresses in a BDSM setting all of who enjoy being in control and taking charge of you at all times.  More femdom cams  live right here

Can you imagine being owned, tortured and abused with no say in your life anymore? If so then be sure to step up here and experience it for yourself once you find out just how cruel these females can be you will be back time and time again as it can get very addictive and demanding. Humiliating our sissies on webcam is one of the top things we enjoy doing, so if you are ready for sissy humiliation then step inside 

You can also check out our other adult cam section Women In Charge

Mistress Cam Sessions is always very popular online and for some people, it is just a fantasy a bit of kink, something different and it is not a massive part of their life. For others they live the lifestyle both Mistress and submissive, it’s not just a part-time fantasy they actually live this way with women in charge. Or check out our roleplay cams section for kinkier ideas

These females enjoy the full power and control and not just live the life they also attend many fetish clubs and may have their own dungeon or playroom.

Some have live in slaves and are always looking for more pets.

Bondage and discipline is a big part of peoples lives and it is a huge area of kink, something can be explored in great detail in our other pages on this site. Looking at each area of why women want to be in charge how much enjoyment they get from overpowering men, looking down at men, trampling, queening, facesitting, human humiliating.

You can also check out our other live sex cam section here

Welcome to the Mistress website that covers everything you need to know about domination, humiliation and Bdsm Lifestyle online.We have hundreds of live Mistresses online including Mistress Alexcia for live kinky cam chats.

This site covers every area of Bondage and discipline, from live adult cams to fetish and Mistress stories, pictures and videos with reviews of some of the best websites to have live online webcam chats. The best femdoms are listed on this site.

 We have some of the evilest Mistresses online who are waiting to start your training. These strict females enjoy every aspect of bondage and discipline and that includes the whole humiliation and domination. Get ready to start your dungeon video chat webcam sessions with cruel, sadistic, strict Mistresses who adore watching weak men suffer. Visit our Femdom cams section and see some really mean bitches waiting to strike More Live Mistress cams here

Fetish scenarios On Webcam

There are just so many different types of fetishes and there are so many different women online into different ones.

The best idea is to visit each profile and read and see which cam model enjoys the same fetish as you. The most popular range from the ones listed below :

High heels
Sexy Feet
Latex, leather and rubber

They are just some of the top ones requested many times a day online although there is hundreds if not thousands of different fetish scenarios out there.So if this is what you want to try out then make sure to visit the rooms and let Our FemDoms know.